Let's Dance Again..... I Can't Get Enough
You will have to go back a number of years to find a compilation released that carries the number of hits and hits-to-be as KHP's new release, Let's Dance Again...I Can't Get Enough. 1. I Can't Get Enough - Sea Cruz 2. I Don't Want Nobody - Ike Turner 3. Dissatisfied - Kurt Crandall 4. If I Could Build My Whole World Around You- Steve Bassett and Janet Martin 5. Sweet Caroline -Holiday Band 6. Hip Swingin' Blues - DieDra 7. The Older Woman- Zac Harmon 8. Why'd I Drink So Much - Mike Goudreau 9. Without Question - Mingo Fishtrap 10. Too Much Butt - Saffire - The Uppity Blues Woman 11. How Do You Stop - Swinging Medallion 12. Your Love Looks Good On Me Remix - Castaways w Bo Schronce 13. I Want A Real Love - Gary Lowder 14. South of the Border - Tim Hildebrandt
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Let's Dance Again..... I Can't Get Enough

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