Learn to Shag DVD with Charlie and Jackie
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Here it is …. Charlie & Jackie’s Legendary Learn To Shag DVD
Get your copy today. This DVD us the original and most
Recommend Lean To Shag DVD. Professionally produced in
a television studio by the creator s of the first shag videos &
classic television special Shaggin’ On the Strand. Now you
can learn these great steps: Foundation – Female Turns
Start – Male Turns , Pivot, & Belly Roll. Watch and learn the easy
way as they explain and demonstrate each step using
Close-up shots and slow motion. You can stop the action or
Repeat it yourself, moving at your own pace until you get it right.

DVD - 29.50 includes S/H

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Released – Sept 15th – 2010

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Learn to Shag DVD with Charlie and Jackie

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