Band of Oz - Dancing in the Street
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1. Fly Me To the Moon
2. Dancing in the Street

3. Countdown to Love

4. Temptation 'Bout to Get Me

5. Love-A-Holic

6. Shing-Yo-Ling

7. Wall to Wall

8. My Blue Heaven (with Mel Carter)

9. My Heart Belongs to You

10. House of Blue Lights

11. Mills Brothers Medley
(You Broke the Only Heart That Ever Loved You / Cab Driver / You Always Hurt the One Who Loves You / A Donut and a Dream)

12. Smoke From a Distant Fire

13. Can't You Take a Hint

14. Four Tops Medley
(It's the Same Old Song / Reach Out I'll Be There / Baby I Need Your Lovin' / Ask the Lonely / Shake Me, Wake Me / I Can't Help Myself)

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Band of Oz - Dancing in the Street

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